Anglesey Hawking
Hi John,

Last June, my husband Marc, grandson Cooper, and I had a lovely hawk walk with you, your wife, and Sam the Hawk. I am writing to let you know that we have a local American football team, the Seattle Seahawks, named after a native American legend. They have a mascot, a 10 year-old Augur or Buteo Hawk, named Taima (which means Thunder in the Native American language). He flies out across the field at the start of each game to the delight of the crowd.  Tomorrow, the Seahawk football team plays for the US national championship. Delta Airlines arranged for a special transport to get Taima to the game in Arizona because we all know he is their good luck charm. We now understand more about these wonderful birds thanks to you.

Here are some of pictures of beautiful Taima and his trainer Dave Knutson at some of the Seahawks games. I thought you would enjoy.

All our very best to you and your lovely wife,

Lauri Johns-Andersch